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A Butterfly's Tale 

To Be Free

An inspiring story about a butterfly who must overcome her fear of flying if she is to ever live to her full potential.

Readers will quickly discover if she will dare TO BE FREE and fly, or stay safe in her home tucked away in a tree.

Courage and just a little help from friends can be all that is needed.

But is it enough?

About Author


Kim lives in Manchester, NJ and is the mother of two teenage boys, Landon and Cole. With her eldest off to college and her youngest entering his junior year in high school, Kim is dedicating more and more time to writing. Not only is she fulfilling her dream of finally publishing her first children's book, she is also working on the series 'A Butterfly's Tale' which will consist of 3 more books continuing the stories of each main character from To Be Free: Butterfly, Bee and Ladybug.  This series will allow readers into their worlds, learning their names and their fun and exciting journeys along the way.